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What's the allowed maximum size of the image?
The limit is 8 MB per image. The images are compressed after uploading, but this doesn't really has a disadvantage of the quality. If you are logged in, this compression is weaker.

What kind of images am I allowed to upload?
Generally everything that doesn't violate the German law and for what you own the rights. Offensive content such as pornography, threats, anti-Semitism or racism are prohibited. More informations you can find in our Terms of Use.

When are the images deleted?
All images are stored on the server for indefinitely time. However, we reserve the right to delete images without giving reasons.

How do I embed my image?
After uploading your image you see 4 links:

- for sharing your image
- for embed it
- for embed the picture in forums
- for HTML.

To embed your picture in a community-forum, just copy the third Code and paste them at the position where the picture should be shown.

How do I report an image?
To report an image contradicting our Terms of Use, just pres "Report image" at the bottom of the page. If you are seeing the picture with the direct-link, open the URL like that: and choose "Report image" at the bottom.

I get "Sorry, an error occured. Please try again."
If you get this message, check your picture and just try again to upload. If you get the message again, please contact us:

How can I donate?
Our service Service is userfriendly and free. To keep this up, we are happy about every donation and support:

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